Every day more and more parents are looking for some alternative to the current vaccination system, trying to avoid exposing their children to all or some of the vaccines. However, there is no doubt that they wish to provide them with the best protection against the most feared infectious diseases. Homeoprophylaxis is an ideal option because it stimulates the immune system natural response, and it strengthens the ‘normal’ development of the children, without generating any of the risks or side effects generally caused by the vaccines.

Free and Healthy Children International is an organization that aims to expand the use and give wider access to homeoprophylaxis worldwide in order to prevent the contagion of infectious diseases. FHCI focuses on the study of the HP’s effectiveness for the participating children on the short and long terms around the world, providing access to this safe, natural program. Their objective is to make the parents and communities who are witnessing the healthy development of their children and of their immune systems stronger and more confident.

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